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Many actions have begun through an informal discussion among a group of friends ... but the truth is that the groups are making history with their ideas, which are simple yet prove so profound, make an affect on our daily lives. Moreover groups have visions and they are the incubator of countless actions ...And beyond friends, groups of citizens acting in the framework of the Civil Society.

Civil society has grown into a force that changes the world.

In SciFY we feel it is imperative to create an open source platform, which will operate as a network of interactive communication agencies and citizens groups.

What it is

The active commons is an online platform that helps individuals to participate in groups to act for a common purpose. We support the creation of local action groups, interaction and exchange of knowledge through direct open information on issues related to a wide range of activities.

An application was developed with the cooperation of non-profit organizations Culture Polis, Place Identity and Scify in the project Policy Innovation Platform and co-financing of the project "We are all citizens".

Who it is for

ActiveCommons addresses to:

  • Institutions of civil society that want to collaborate effectively online, communicate their actions and deliver results.

  • Any group or citizen that wants to be informed about the actions of civil society.

  • Organizations seeking synergies in their work.



We get even more joy when our creations travel outside the Greek borders!

The German Institute MitOst in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation have asked for our platform to create the Actors of Urban Change program, which aims to develop cities through cultural activities. A large number of countries have already participated in the program, such as Italy, Spain, Serbia, Portugal and Russia.
Indicatively we mention 2 groups from Portugal:

  • the Critical Housing Lab, whose action plan is to repair and utilize ruined buildings, based on the do-it-yourself spirit and
  • VivaCidale, which tries to find solutions to social problems when the state is absent,

while the group from Russia Recycle Art Festival aims to mobilize citizens in the recycling process.

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