Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - AI is changing daily the way we work, looking for information, making our purchases ... Although it has recently become a "hot topic" of public debate, our view is that it is one more tool. This tool which is extremely useful and evolving must be used correctly and intelligently, with respect for the people.

This is what we are doing:


ΑΙ Solutions

Up to 500 students, scientists and entrepreneurs have attended SciFY Academy educational events. Through presentations and workshops we helped attendees:

We developed NewSum, the world's first application to create automatic news summaries from many sources, we implemented it in two languages and offered it for free. Thousands of users use it daily for real-time polyphonic news.

 NewSum: Learn more here

Tools & Consulting for organizations


Research & Development

We offer artificial intelligence tools that add value to businesses and organizations.

  • NewSum technology is being exploited already by internatinal news sites as well as applications such as
  • In collaboration with Bodossaki Foundation we developed newsdynamo, to better the iformation of Civil Society
  • In collaboration with NCSR "Demokritos" we have developed content personalization technology (PServer) and offered it for free as open source.
  • We work with businesses to automatically analyze business meetings to increase their efficiency.

We exploid the research by creating practical results: We develop innovative tools and run pilot projects (e.g. JedAI) - in collaboration with foundations such as Université PARIS 5, Athens University, NCSR "Demokritos" and Harokopio University - with applications in analysis of open comments (Open Comments Analyzer), contact gathering for businesses (Contact Harvester), etc.




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