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SHAPES: SciFY in the EU's pioneering € 21 million project for active ageing

Tuesday, 03 December 2019 Published in News
SHAPES: SciFY in the EU's pioneering € 21 million project for active ageing

What an incredible joy! We are kicking off the EU project "SHAPES"! Will you ask us “what is this you guys?"

Hmmm… How can we describe in a few words a huge European 21 million euros project, in which 36 partners from 14 countries will work for 4 years to make it a reality? What has united us all (universities, companies, research centers, NGOs) under this umbrella?


Imagine a world where the elderly are not "parked" in a nursing home, they are not "burdens" in the health system, they are not treated by experts who see their problem individually, but…

  • they are active members of the community: they engage in community activities (active ageing)

  • their community provides as much care as possible in their home, not in the hospital

  • healthcare professionals focus on the patient (integrated care), instead of everyone acting independently

  • technology (Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Mental Exercises, Robotic Systems ...) is specifically designed for them, their caregivers and healthcare professionals.

  • the elderly can to focus on what they can achieve with technology, instead of worrying about how it works

  • healthcare professionals and caregivers have at their disposal publicly available tools that they can use

  • all information, tools, and a support ecosystem are available online

Well, we want to make this world a reality. And with this work we begin the first big step.

How large is the target group? If we only talk about the elderly, numbers show that in 2017, almost one-fifth (19%) of the EU population was +65 years old. And that by 2060 there will be 151 million.

But we see it differently: They are not numbers; they are our grandparents, our parents, it will soon be us.

Let’s do this!


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