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SciFY co-forms the European Framework of Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday, 05 May 2020 Published in News
SciFY co-forms the European Framework of Artificial Intelligence

On Wednesday, April 29, 2020, Dr. George Giannakopoulos, Co-Founder and CEO of SciFY participated in the first meeting of the "DIGITAL SME Focus Group on AI".

DIGITAL SME Focus Group on AI is an initiative of the European Commission (AI Watch) and the European DIGITAL SME Alliance where they have set up an experts team which consisting of almost 40 Artificial Intelligence experts representing companies from all over Europe.

From Greece, SciFY and our own George Giannakopoulos were also selected to contribute to this focus group. Specifically, the goals of the focus group are: 

  • Monitoring the development, adoption and impact of AI by companies
  • Provide immediate feedback on their policies and regulatory needs

A series of regular meetings are planned over a period of 3 to 5 years, where the focus group will gain a better understanding of how small and medium-sized businesses adopt and use AI. The team will examine how the introduction of tools and processes related to AI changes the international business environment. In addition, it will examine the social and economic implications of these changes (eg on skills, recruitment and relationships between employers and employees).

The European Commission's Joint Research Center (JRC), which coordinates AI Watch, aims to work with the focus group to understand the adoption, use and impact of Artificial Intelligence and related technologies robotics, automation, mechanical learning, etc.). At the same time, the team will formally discuss more current issues. For example "how AI can help the fight against COVID-19". The European DIGITAL SME Alliance will work with Artificial Intelligence experts to develop position and policy documents for AI from a business perspective.

See here more information on DIGITAL SME Focus Group on AI and the other companies that participate.

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