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Monday, 06 July 2015 Published in SciFY Academy
SciFY Academy

Direct Impact: 1600+ People

What is SciFY Academy?
SciFY Academy is a series of initiatives we enthusiastically undertake to spread knowledge and cooperation.

What does SciFY Academy include?

A. Knowledge dissemination events

The SciFY Academy events include workshops and presentations on Entrepreneurship, Technology, Programming, Innovation and our 4 impact areas (Assistive technologies, eDemocracy, Business Intelligence and Civil Society Support) to spread knowledge and develop skills. In 2016 alone, more than 900 people attended the events.

B. Creation of innovative and inclusive educational tools

SciFY has developed educational games for blind children in 3 languages, that are currently been used by schools, institutions and individuals around the world. It has created software to allow people with cerebral palsy or aphasia build mental skills. It has created a platform that allows teachers (including special education teachers) to easily create inclusive educational games. The adoption of such tools has been outstanding (5000+ downloads of the games for the blind alone).

C. Production of educational material

SciFY has also been creating educational material around the aforementioned areas, for numerous target groups. The material ranges from white papers on e-Democracy, to presentations on personalization to instructions for special education teachers and game developers on developing games for the blind.

What can I expect in a SciFY Academy event?
The focus of the initiatives is usually around Business, Technology, Programming, Innovation and our 4 pillars of interest (Assistive technologies, eDemocracy, Business Intelligence and Civil Society Support).
A SciFY Academy event has usually three things that are of interest:

  • The Main Event, in which the person who leads the event (speaker, instructor etc.with expertise on the issue in question) engages with the participants, and
  • The “Kick”: an interesting inititiative/ presentation/ organization that is somehow connected to the main event, that is presented in 10-15 minutes and gives an interesting “kick”, something that can further stimulate the participants.
  • The networking: People come together, eager to learn something new. This is wonderful. So we encourage them to talk to each other, and usually very nice things happen!

Why do you do this?
Well, we started it as a way to share intersting things we knew / found out about within our communities. The interest grew so rapidly, that we were asked to make it bigger, to include more people. This was is so much in line with our commitment to spread knowledge with our communities, that we could not say no (we didn’t want to, either!)
So in 2015, the Academy stepped out of our offices, and into INNOVATHENS.
So, here we are; we enjoying learning new things with so many wonderful people!

How can I join a SciFY Academy event?
Register here to receive every month an invitation for the upcoming event.

See all the previous SciFY Academy events here.



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