We are happy to welcome you to the presentation of the innovative news application NewSum.

Tuesday, 11/11/2014, at 18:00, in Innovathens, Technopolis - Gazi.
In the event, the Non-for-Profit Organization SciFY will present NewSum, an award-winning, Greek, innovative application for Press people and every citizen, that has been developed in collaboration with NCSR Democritos, the largest research institute in Greece.
NewSum, gathers news information from many online sources and presents to the user a single summary for each news, from all sources, respecting copyright permissions.
Based on advanced artificial inteligence technologies, it can operate in many languages, and allows the reader to be up-to-date quickly, easily and without losing the pluralism. It is already available for smartphones, tablets and online.
At the event, SciFY will present not only the idea, the technology and the possibilities that it offers, but also the solutions that are developed for the citizens and the needs of journalists.
Admission is free, but due to limited capacity, please register via the eventora here.


For more information:

Despoina Chalvatzi

M: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

T: 211 4004 192

NewSum has been redesigned and reimplemented, taking into account a variety of comments and reviews from our users.

The updates include:

  • a new, state-of-the-art user experience (new UI, interaction)
  • updated looks (photos, at-a-glimpse texts where photos not available)
  • as simple as ever
  • helpful, responsive layout for more devices (better support for tablets)
  • Supports latest Android versions
  • quicker than ever (caching)
  • better management of network resources
  • better clustering of news into events
  • reduced "garbage" items

Be part of the final polishing: download and install it.   And do not forget: NewSum is free, as always.

I want to support this project!

When we first launced NewSum v. 1.0, our award-winning app that summarizes news from many sources onto your android screen, you told us three things:

First, that you were surprized that it actually could do what we claimed: it produced one summary from many news sources.
Second, that it helped you be up to date faster, and in a more pluralistic way.
And third, that it did not look ...sexy. It did not have images, it was "spartan", it needed to offer a better user experience.

Well, we have good news for you: We worked hard on it and the new version, NewSum v. 2.0, is in closed beta testing.
It is faster, it manages mobile and network resources more efficiently, it has a new look and feel AND photos!

Be patient for a few days ... Till then, if you do not have NewSum, download it from Google Play and be ready for the upgrade!

I want to support this project!

New member in NewSum family

Friday, 10 January 2014

A new baby has joined the NewSum family, even though it has to stay in the incubator for a few more days. NewSum widget is almost ready and pretty soon will provide you the opportunity to offer through your site or blog summarised but thorough news reporting for topics that draw the interest of your visitors.

You can have a small taste of one of its many variations.

NewSum on the web

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Yesterday, at Researcher's Night 2013, www.newsumontheweb.org was officially launched.
A different news site to get a pluralistic up-to-date of the news at a glance: For every news, you get one summary stemming from relevant articles from 60 sources! Plus, you always have access to the original articles.
A world-level breakthrough project, NewSumOnTheWeb gives access to the world news, without repetitions, without losing aspects of the news.
Another implementation of the NewSum project, from SciFY in cooperation with the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of "NCSR Demokritos".

I want to support NewSum project!

NewSum for Windows 8

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The community that is being built around NewSum brought the first significant result. Our friend Alexandros Tzoumas developed the NewSum for windows 8!

So now, we can have on our PC/tablet not just news feeds/news titles, but, for the first time, news summaries stemming from many sources, and thus "pluralistic news at a glance" (that's what our friends tell us that NewSum gives them).

Available to everyone for free, version v 0.7 runs on desktops-laptops-tablets, currently only in Greek. Install it from Windows Store.

Great job, Alexandros made us feel very nice! Let's keep it up!

palo.gr: For the first time, we offer news summaries from thousands of sources at a glance, using NewSum technology.

We keep saying that together, we can do more. And today, we prove it once more: palo.gr, the big greek news portal, that collects news from thousands of sources (more than 1,400 sites and 10,000 blogs), cooperated with SciFY and Harokopeion University of Athens, investing in NewSum technology.

The result is a unique service of high added value.


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

We reinforce pluralism in news coverage

The problem

How can you get the whole picture in your areas of interest, fast? Up to now, in order to be well-informed about what you really want to, you were obliged to visit at least 2-3 different sites/blogs and spend valuable time reading news that are by 80% the same... Newsfeeds, news aggregators are not real solutions: They just group articles, but you still have to do the rest of the job, since you have to visit all the different sources in order to get the information you need (when / if you have the time!).


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