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How would it feel if you could share with your fellow citizens your experiences from life in the city? To be able to signify the beautiful things: Small secrets, beautiful routes? But to be able to point out the flaws as well: dangerous roads, places inaccessible for disabled people, broken traffic lights or puddles? And even more: 

How would it feel like, if the Municipality you are living in opened its ears to your comments?
If it was listening to your needs for a better life in the city, every moment? If it was interested in what you want every time it designed its services?
This is what City-R-US is about.
City-R-US is developed by SciFY as part of the European project Radical, in cooperation with 16 organizations from 5 countries (Denmark, France, Greece, Spain and Italy) where we create innovative ways to provide citizens with tools to make urban life better and the city “smarter”.
Initially it is developed for the municipality of Athens, and it is offered for free as open source software to everyone!

What it is

City-R-US is a solution that allows us to share with our fellow citizens and municipality authorities all that only we know about our city. To make our life better. How can this be possible? Very simple:
  1. The municipality that makes use of City-R-US creates “missions”. The missions can be about sharing something beautiful (little secrets, beautiful routes) or to bring up an issue (dangerous roads for bicycles, inaccessible spots for the disabled, traffic lights out of order, or puddles)
  2. Citizens can participate in any mission they choose with their smartphones: They record the route or the spot and they share it using their name or anonymously.
  3. All the data shared by the citizens are collected in a map, accessible by everyone, from the computer or the smartphone. With a searching ability so that everyone can find what they are interested in. So in practice everyone benefits.
  4. The Municipality analyzes the data provided in order to intervene anywhere that is required, and to redesign its services towards citizens.

Who is it for

City-R-US addresses to:
  • Municipalities that want to become better, reclaiming the contribution of their citizens
  • to all of us that want to make our town better
Initially, City - R - US is developed in cooperation with the Municipality of Athens, to improve everyday life of its citizens and visitors.

How you can participate

The first version of the application is ready.

You can participate in the missions by recording with your smartphone or tablet:

  • Cafe/Bars accessible by people with disabilities: Places where people with physical disabilities can enjoy their coffee or drink without having trouble moving around.
  • Routes accessible by people who use a wheelchair: Routes where people who use wheelchairs can enjoy a stroll without obstacles while moving around.
  • Beautiful routes for walking: where do you like to go for a walk?
  • Beautiful routes for running: where do you like to go for a run?

Download it on your smartphone/tablet from here and… help everybody find the beautiful spots of your city.

If you want to view the routes and the spots which have already been recorded you can have a look at this public map which is available to all by clicking here.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme under grant agreement no 325138.




City-R-Us is an application which:

  • Adapts to everybody’s needs.
  • Is a suggested way of communicating.

We prepared promotional material for The Municipality of Athens, so that the application will start to be in use, setting an example for other municipalities.
During the pilot phase we have informed more than 30 organisations and running/walking groups about the application’s function. We have already prepared the first pilot records that appear in the public map of the application which is available to all here.

Furthermore, we came in touch with the prosvasis team, which helps people with physical disabilities by creating maps and presenting them at  platform.

You can see the City-R-Us video by pressing here.

Let's make out city better, together! How? Just download City-R-Us app on your phone or your tablet, it's free! Click here for Android phone and here for iPhone.



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