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Friday, 05 December 2014

We have said it before but we will say it once more: Only together we can grow. Furthermore, when "together" represents the union of cutting edge technology and real social benefits, we feel even happier! 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Strengthening the role of citizens in Policy Making

The lack of effective procedures for direct and creative participation of citizens in decision making intensifies the political crisis and deprives us of the possibility of using substantive proposals. The sense of futility and abstinence from policy making perpetuates the status quo and excludes long-term participatory design.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Strengthening Participatory Democracy

Greece is one of the leading countries in terms of public consultations for draft laws. But only in theory! In reality citizens have only little capability to express their opinion and it is common knowledge that the volume and the lack of structure on citizens' comments prevent their exploitation by the legislature.

Monday, 10 November 2014

We are happy to welcome you to the presentation of the innovative news application NewSum.

Tuesday, 11/11/2014, at 18:00, in Innovathens, Technopolis - Gazi.
In the event, the Non-for-Profit Organization SciFY will present NewSum, an award-winning, Greek, innovative application for Press people and every citizen, that has been developed in collaboration with NCSR Democritos, the largest research institute in Greece.
NewSum, gathers news information from many online sources and presents to the user a single summary for each news, from all sources, respecting copyright permissions.
Based on advanced artificial inteligence technologies, it can operate in many languages, and allows the reader to be up-to-date quickly, easily and without losing the pluralism. It is already available for smartphones, tablets and online.
At the event, SciFY will present not only the idea, the technology and the possibilities that it offers, but also the solutions that are developed for the citizens and the needs of journalists.
Admission is free, but due to limited capacity, please register via the eventora here.


For more information:

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T: 211 4004 192

Monday, 02 September 2013


Direct Impact: 4000+ Users

We reinforce pluralism in news coverage

NewSum: News summaries from different sources in a single text.

Yes, this is now possible: We 've done this, we offer it for free. That's what we do.

NewSum is a breakthrough app for android smarthones/tablets that:
• collects information from multiple news sources,
• groups the news referring to the same topic, and
• produces one brief summary for each of them.

So, you get the main points of the news fast, without losing the pluralism.
And yes, as far as we know, NewSum is the only app out there that can do it!

Please Donate here, so that we can keep evolving new, exciting technologies for all based on NewSum. Even a small amount is useful to us.

If you are a company / VC, check out here how you can get the most out of this amazing technology.
Install it on your android device here.


NewSum is an application for android devices that automatically summarizes information from many sources and combines them in a single text.

With the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, it searches for the latest news in selected news sources, classifies texts which refer to the very same piece of information, and presents an overview of its main points.
As far as we know, you can actually find no other similar application on the market.
And it is offered for free by SciFY.

NewSum was developed by SciFY based on technology initially developed at "Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications" of "NCSR Demokritos", that supports the NewSum project.

The journey has just begun: New technologies emerge

The android app is ready (install it from here), but we are restless:
We are working on new uses for companies and the average user: embeddable widgets for sites and blogs, widgets for your desktop, a minimal NewSum website, customizable editions of NewSum (for your company, organization or... grandmother), support for more languages, company intranet versions, support for new mobile platforms.
What is more, it is open source, so developers can build on it, customise it, exploit it, improve it.

Stay tuned for more news.


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The challenge

How can you get the key points of the news in your areas of interest, fast, without losing the pluralism? Up to now, you had to visit at least 2-3 different sites/blogs and spend valuable time reading news that are by 80% the same... Newsfeeds, news aggregators are not real solutions: They just group articles, but you still have to do visit all the different sources to get the information you need (when / if you have the time!).


SciFY logo


IIT Demokritos N.C.S.R.


N.C.S.R. Demokritos 


The vision: Reinforce pluralism in news coverage

The first challenge has been met. NewSum is ready!

Who is it for?

NewSum may appeal pretty much to everyone who wants to keep abreast of the latest news fast, easily and without losing the pluralism.
It is also intended to be used by any professionals in the area as a potential great asset in their hands; journalists, press offices, news agencies, the press, the TV, indexers, analysts, news reporting blogs/sites, and so on.

NewSum has been developed for android devices (smartphones and tablets). You can install it now from here, for free, without restrictions, trial periods, ads...
Yet, we are developing new solutions that will benefit even more users.

If you are a company, you can team up with us to help us build solutions that meet your needs. Learn more. 

Download & Support

Fast, pluralistic news coverage


download icon   Install NewSum on your android device

   Ιnstall NewSum from Google Play.

 If you don't want to use Google Play, you can download the apk file and install it by yourselves. Find here an installation guide.



download icon   Download NewSum apk file

Download the NewSum project apk file.



support icon Get support
   Register to the Forum to get support from the community.


The use of the NewSum is very simple, but if you want, find here the User's Guide.

Find the NewSum code on GitHub.



Get involved
Spread the word - Help us make things change

• Share it with your friends in your social networks.

• Write an article about it and let us know.

• Tell us how we can promote NewSum with you.

• Notify bloggers / journalists you are acquainted with.


Are you a journalist/blogger? 

Find a very interesting Press Release. We encourage you to write an article about how SciFY:

• is offering a breakthrough innovation
• is bringing state of the art technology to everyone for free
• creates opportunities for new business.
• is a Greek story worth telling

Talk to us.

Financial Help

Please Donate. We need your help to continue.


What is NewSum? What does it do?

NewSum is an application for cell phones which run the Android operating system (for the moment).

What does it do? Well, it searches for the latest news in selected news sources, classifies texts which refer to the very same piece of information, and presents an overview of its main points.

Who is NewSum for? Who would it actually be useful to?

NewSum may appeal pretty much to everyone; to each and every one of us who wants to keep abreast of the latest news thoroughly and comprehensively, as well as in a short and easy way.

It is also intended to be used by any professionals in the area as a potential great asset in their hands; journalists, press offices, news agencies, the press, the TV, indexers, analysts, news reporting blogs/sites, and so on.

NewSum offers the possibility to get at once the whole picture both of the content and of the way in which the piece of news you’re interested in is approached, thus avoiding unnecessary repetitions. Of course, if you prefer a more detailed news update, you can always go back to the relevant sources.

How does NewSum produce a news summary?

Here we may have some trouble explaining. NewSum uses artificial intelligence, so it's not quite easy for us to provide a straightforward explanation.
Roughly speaking in a schematic way, NewSum in the first place scans the text which contains a certain piece of news, and traces its main points by examining associations of different groups of letters. It extracts their essence by applying statistical methods, and then evaluates the significance of all the phrases that refer to that specific piece of information. The final overview is based on the phrases assessed as the most important ones.
If you are interested in further information, you can check out the “I can’t figure out how NewSum works. Can you provide any more clues about the technology it uses?” section.
You may also use the relevant forum, or contact us for further details.

Is NewSum worth using? Why should I use it? What's special about what it offers?

Of course it's worth using because:

A. It's unique.
   1. It is based on Artificial Intelligence and uses cutting-edge technology.
   2. You can actually find no other similar application on the market.
   3. It is available to everyone for free, along with free support from the community that has been developing.
   4. It is open-source, therefore you can enhance, or modify it according to your needs.

B. It will be keeping you more thoroughly informed.
   1. You will be receiving information from a number of sources simultaneously, thus enriching your news update.
   2. You will be able to get a global view of the latest news at any given moment.
   3. You won't be missing anything that may not be mentioned in some of the sources.
   4. It's very easy for you to go back to any of the sources in order to get more details about any point of the general review.
   5. NewSum runs both in Greek and in English.

C. You will be able to have quick updates.
   1. You will be able to get a general view of the topic you're interested in at one glance.
   2. You won't have to be reading the same stuff over and over again, nor will you have to deal with  news that may "seem" to be but "are" actually not of interest to you.
   3. You will be able to determine the extent of the general review according to your mood.
   4. NewSum will save you from spending hours on your everyday update.

How can I get NewSum and install it on my smartphone?

You can install it from Google Play.

Can it run on all kinds of cell phones? What about tablets?

In fact, your cell phone has to be a smartphone running the Android 2.1 version, or any of the more recent versions. NewSum can run on tablets, too, as well as on any device using this operating system.
As soon as the application is completed, we are going to provide a catalogue indicating the types of devices NewSum can run on.
Later on, we intend to improve and further develop NewSum. We are certainly going to need your help for this.

I can't figure out how NewSum works. Can you provide any more clues about the technology it uses?

In order to produce news summaries, NewSum uses Natural Language Processing technologies, which were developed partly within the OntoSum project, and are based on n-gram graphs. Click here for details. If you wish to know more, you can contact us, or ask any questions on our forum.

Will there be a trial period of use? Will the application include advertisements? How much will the fully functional version cost?

So it seems you don’t know us well enough yet!

NewSum will be available totally for free at present and later on as well. No trial period, no versions of limited functionality, no adverts. Just as is the case with all our applications. Plus it will be open-source and you can get free support from the community.

Just let there be a possibility for any (voluntary) donation, which would help us proceed with our work, enhance, and further develop the application.

The whole NewSum thing seems quite interesting. How can I get involved, help, and find out more?

If you find it noteworthy, you can support it by spreading the word, and helping to diffuse the application through communications. Feel free to join our forum, and become a member of the NewSum community.

Now, if you wish to engage more deeply and get further involved in NewSum, its evolvement, or in any other of the amazing projects under development by SciFY, take a look at all the available options by clicking here.

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