The challenge: People with disabilities continue to be disproportionately excluded from the labour market Europe-wide.
Vocational education and training (VET) plays a crucial role, as it acts as the joint between school education and the working world.

The Solution: How information and communication technologies (ICT) can be helpful in making VET more inclusive and therefore in better preparing learners for the labour market is the content of our new ERASMUS+ project EICON. We just met experts from all around Europe to exchange good practice and to develop effective solutions.

Other similar meetings are scheduled in the coming months that will focus on specific topics and discuss how ICT can be supportive to raise an organisation’s inclusive capacity. This first meeting dealt with the pedagogy in VET organisations and with different teaching and learning approaches. Participants from six organisations from Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Greece and Germany exchanged effective practice and discussed first recommendations for teachers and managers of VET organisations.


Results and Impact: Draft results will soon be shared publicly so that educators around Europe can add their experiences and successful examples. Through this consultation process the results will be consolidated and more likely to fit to the different settings of VET organisations across Europe.

What's next: In our second meeting we will focus on technology and infrastructure.


SciFY created a new software component for text and data mining, VineSum, addressed to developers who want to build applications in the area of agriculture & biodiversity. This innovative tool is part of the OpenMinTed infrastructure and it is ideal for researchers, consumer behaviour analysts, wine distributors, etc.

What is OpenMinTed?

OpenMinTed is an Open Mining Infrastructure for Text & Data that in the beginning of 2018 was searching for innovative applications and systems such as: new text mining, text analytics, or information extraction components and ready-to-use applications.

In this context SciFY joined the call and created VineSum. But what is VineSum?

What is VineSum?

VineSum is an open source executable software component that, given a collection of documents, it:

  1. Recognizes named entities (Named Entity Recognition), identifying four entity types:
    1. Vine varieties
    2. Persons
    3. Locations
    4. Dates
  2. Clusters documents into events, related to wine varieties but also to events.
  3. Exploits named entity recognition components, especially evolved to facilitate the use case.

VineSum’s main objective is to serve as a software component that is being offered to end-users in order to build applications in the area of agriculture & biodiversity. But how VineSum can be used?

How you can use VineSum?

Via the OpenMinTed platform, a user that doesn’t have programming experience or  specialized knowledge on natural language processing and data mining algorithms, can:

  1. Select a set of documents (corpus)
  2. Select the VineSum component
  3. Select any other components from the platform that may be needed
  4. Run an analysis pipeline via the OpenMinTed platform and use the output in order to categorize/summarize the information and/or discover any hidden or new knowledge.

So there you are: a free and innovative software tool for analyzing texts and data on your fingertips.

In the next few weeks we will share a tutorial for using VineSum. In the meantime check the VineSum’s source code here and stay tuned for more.


Here are the results of SciFY Academy seminars and educational actions from 2017!


22nd SciFY Academy | eLearning
Tools & Methodology 

On Tuesday 14 of Novemebr SciFY held at INNOVATHENS the 22nd SciFY Academy which was dedicated at: “eLearning: Tools & Methodology” where we understood the basics about eLearning and also learned how to exploit this knowledge as students and teachers as well.

More than 80 people from the field of education attended the seminar, which was aiming to highlighting the value and the practical applications of eLearning.

Initially, Mr Vasilis Giannakopoulos, Marketing & Impact Manager of SciFY, presented us with the new version of Electronic Games for Blind Children, Memori Online. In addition to the educational importance of games, Mr. Giannakopoulos also emphasized the ability of children in the new version to play Online with security with other players or even with their friends without having any significance if one or both players are blind or not. See the presentation of Mr. Giannakopoulos here. 

Then Mr. Yannis Arapoglou, e-Learning Solutions Architect & Moodle Expert and General Manager of WIDE Services, referred to the types of e-Learning and presented us: usage cases, tools and best practices on how to use the open source tool Moodle. See Mr. Arapoglou's presentation here.

Then a brief intervention was made by the Professor and Director of the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Human Electrophysiology of the Department of Informatics of the Ionian University Dr. Panagiotis Vlamos, where he referred to the Distance Postgraduate Program "Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics" and to eLearning platforms at Higher education.

Finally, Dr Spyros Doukakis, educator, academic development consultant at Pierce-American College of Greece and specialist consultant in the field of teacher education at the Institute for Educational Policy, talked about the differences between eLearning and etutoring, and informed us about the opportunities of entrepreneurship in the field of education. Also he demonstrated the eTutoring platform that is being used by Pierce College where we had the opportunity to chat with children and teachers during their training. You can find Dr. Doukaki here.

After the end of the presentations the participants had the opportunity to ask their questions to the speakers.

We thank INNOVATHENS and all of you that once again you contributed to realizing our vision for the free dissemination of knowledge!


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