Here are the results of SciFY Academy seminars and educational actions from 2017!


22nd SciFY Academy | eLearning
Tools & Methodology 

On Tuesday 14 of Novemebr SciFY held at INNOVATHENS the 22nd SciFY Academy which was dedicated at: “eLearning: Tools & Methodology” where we understood the basics about eLearning and also learned how to exploit this knowledge as students and teachers as well.

More than 80 people from the field of education attended the seminar, which was aiming to highlighting the value and the practical applications of eLearning.

Initially, Mr Vasilis Giannakopoulos, Marketing & Impact Manager of SciFY, presented us with the new version of Electronic Games for Blind Children, Memori Online. In addition to the educational importance of games, Mr. Giannakopoulos also emphasized the ability of children in the new version to play Online with security with other players or even with their friends without having any significance if one or both players are blind or not. See the presentation of Mr. Giannakopoulos here. 

Then Mr. Yannis Arapoglou, e-Learning Solutions Architect & Moodle Expert and General Manager of WIDE Services, referred to the types of e-Learning and presented us: usage cases, tools and best practices on how to use the open source tool Moodle. See Mr. Arapoglou's presentation here.

Then a brief intervention was made by the Professor and Director of the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Human Electrophysiology of the Department of Informatics of the Ionian University Dr. Panagiotis Vlamos, where he referred to the Distance Postgraduate Program "Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics" and to eLearning platforms at Higher education.

Finally, Dr Spyros Doukakis, educator, academic development consultant at Pierce-American College of Greece and specialist consultant in the field of teacher education at the Institute for Educational Policy, talked about the differences between eLearning and etutoring, and informed us about the opportunities of entrepreneurship in the field of education. Also he demonstrated the eTutoring platform that is being used by Pierce College where we had the opportunity to chat with children and teachers during their training. You can find Dr. Doukaki here.

After the end of the presentations the participants had the opportunity to ask their questions to the speakers.

We thank INNOVATHENS and all of you that once again you contributed to realizing our vision for the free dissemination of knowledge!

21st SciFY Academy | Dementia & Technology
Technological solutions for those who forget... a little or not 

On Wednesday, 18th of October SciFY team along with Alzheimer Athens and NRSC "Demokritos" held in INNOVATHENS was held the 21st SciFY Academy on "Dementia & Technology" where we tried to answer: "How does Technology help People with Dementia?"

More than 120 health professionals, caregivers of people with dementia as well as students from related schools attended the seminar that was focused on practical solutions and tools for people with dementia.

Initially Dr. Paraskevi Sakka, Neurologist and Psychiatrist, President of the Company Alzheimer Athens and President of the National Observatory on Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, talked about Alzheimer's disease, the latest developments and how Greece is affected today in social and economic terms. See the presentation of Dr. Sakka here.

Later on, Ms. Eleni Margioti, Clinical Neuropsychologist from the Alzheimer's Athens Company, referred to the Non Pharmaceutical Interventions for dementia such as: mental empowerment, physical exercise, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc. You can find the presentation of Ms Margioti here.

The third speaker of the event was Mr Vasilis Giannakopoulos, Marketing & Impact Manager of SciFY, where he presented the application for mobile phones "diAnoia" developed by SciFY for those who take care of people with Dementia. View the full presentation of Mr Giannakopoulos here. 


Then SingularLogic's Project Manager of European Projects, Mr Nikos Drosos referred to tools and technologies that help people with dementia. See the presentation of Mr Drosos here.


Finally, Dr Vassiliki Rentoumi, researcher at NCSR "Demokritos", on the occasion of the European IASIS Project, refered to the developments regarding individualized medicine for patiens with Alzheimer's. You can find the presentation of Dr Rendumi here.


After the end of the presentations the participants had the opportunity to ask their questions to the speakers. Friends from all over Greece asked us to livestream the event and we managed. Hundreds of people watched the live streaming.

For all of you that did not participate in the event you can watch the full event it in this link:

We want to thank the Alzheimer Athens, NCSR “Dimokritos”INNOVATHENS and all of you that you helped us to make our dream of the free dissemination of knowledge a reality!

11th SciFY Academy Bioinformatics Academy
"The fruitful collaboration of two sciences"

11 SF Ac 4


On Thursday May 26 SciFY's team coorganized with INNOVATHENS The Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of the City of Athens, one more seminar and lab, on Bioinformatics.

Over 100 people watched Dr Artemis Chatzigeorgiou, Professor of Bioinformatics at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Thessaly and associate professor at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute, an introduction to the world of Bioinformatics in order to get acquainted with the "fruitful collaboration of two sciences".

Initially, Dr. Artemis Chatzigeorgiou referred to the most important steps that have taken place in the field of Bioinformatics. She also discussed the research and applied trends that link the fields of information technology and biology.

11 SF Ac 2



 Such trends concern the New Generation Sequencing, the use and experimental verification of the function of MicroRNAs, and the analysis of texts of biological research using Physical Language Analysis.

Moreover, there was a discussion on how Bioinformatics helped on papers relevant to e.g. gene editing, and how informative tools make the analysis procedures and recalling knowledge about biology and modern therapies easier.



11 SF Ac 3




The event was opened by Mr. Petros Kaloupis, where he talked about his very interesting initiative, concerning Supporting Technologies. Specifically, he referred to the first social network with access for the disabled, the DisabledBook. It is a social media with the aim of interconnecting, serving and interacting with all social or voluntary services in Greece or abroad. 

You can watch the interview of the η DisabledBook team for CNΝ here and for more information about DisabledBook click here.


11 SF Ac 1 


We warmly thank Dr Artemis Chatzigeorgiou, Mr Petros Kaloupis, INNOVATHENS and of course all our friends who attended and participated in the seminar by making very interesting comments and questions and they contributed once again to realizing our vision of the free dissemination of knowledge!

Download the presentation here. To be informed about the next events of SciFY Academy you can register here. 

If you are interested in actively participating in SciFY team, click here.

13th SciFY Academy | Big Data
"From Infrastructure to Implementation"

On Wednesday, October 19thSciFYΕΕΛΛΑΚ and INNOVATHENS, organized the first seminar  of this Academic year on Big DataUp to 120 people attended the 13th SciFY Academy where Dr. Konstantinos Tsakalozos and Dr. George Giannakopoulos introduced us to the topic of Big Data.


The event opened by Mr. Vassilis Giannakopoulos, Marketing Director & Impact Manager at SciFY, who presented the free and open source assistive technology platform Talk and Play. The project is being developed by SciFY with an exclusive donation from Stavros Niarchos Foundation. This prototype system allows people who have disabilities and also speech difficulties : to communicate, listen to music, watch movies and play tailored-made, specialized games that enhance their skills and can help them recover.

To access the presentation (in Greek) of Mr. Vasilis Giannakopoulos follow the link: 


In the following session, Dr Konstantinos Tsakalozos, Software Developer - Big Data at Canonical Ltd., started by mentioning the origins of big data and reasons for using big data solution. Data increase as your activities expand. For instance as your business grows it produces increasingly more data. Also, nowadays it is easy to efficiently gather all these large amounts of data. The conventional processing methods, however, are not applicable for storing and processing this kind of data volume. Thus, it is necessary for you and your business to utilize big data technology, in order to process the continually increasing data, effectively. In turn, the generated knowledge will lead to better decision making.

Big Data Software solutions often tend to be complex, requiring staff training and overall are hard to integrate. What we really need, Mr. Tsakalozos informs us, is to lower the operational costs of modeling and implementing your big data solutions.

Mr. Tsakalozos presented the Juju platform from Canonical. Juju builds an ecosystem that enables easy setup and access to infrastructures, including big data systems. This ecosystem allows you to implement applications (charms) in any language (Puppet, Ansible, Bash, Python, Java); to take advantage of applications implemented by other vendors and to collaborate with other providers within the community. To access the presentation of  Dr. Konstantinos Tsakalozos follow the link 

For more information about juju platform, see: 

In the last session of the seminar, Dr. George Giannakopoulos, CTO at SciFY & Researcher at  Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of NCSR Demokritos, referred to the application of big data in a variety of cases, from social media analysis, to bioinformatics and wind turbine proactive maintenance! He stressed that “big data” is not only about “much” data, i.e. the volume is not their only distinctive feature. Other features of data, indicative of a problem of "big data" are also the speed of data change (velocity), the variety of forms and ways data are found (variety), the possibility of their validation (veracity) and the value generated by them, allowing action and reaction (value). Then, Mr. Giannakopoulos referred to the Big Data Europe Project [1], an international project funded by the EU, which brings 16 organizations from 10 European countries in a partnership for the future of "big data" in Europe. The 7 project development pilots are aligned with the societal challenges of the Horizon 2020 framework [2], covering domains such as: 1) Health, 2) Food & Agriculture, 3) Energy, 4) Transport, 5) Climate, 6) Social Sciences and 7) Security.

To access the presentation of Dr. George Giannakopoulos  follow the link





On Wednesday the 13th of April, at 19:00, more than 120 people attended the 10th SciFY Academy which was organised by SciFY and the Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Technopolis City of Athens - Innovathens, on the topic of “Internet of Things - From an idea to an international market”. SciFY Academy is a free, series of presentations which aims to promote the free diffusion of knowledge, conducted by the Non Profit Organisation SciFY.
The event’s first speaker was Chrysostomos Bouras, member of the “TheThingsNetwork Athens” community. He presented his team’s (GRIot) effort in expanding a network of Internet of Things in Athens which will belong exclusively to citizens/volunteers.

Afterwards, Lefteris Papageorgiou, CEO of Entranet, with his vast experience in the area of new technologies introduced us to the world of Internet of Things (Iot) using the “house from the future” as an example.

An expected question is “what exactly does the house of the future have that makes it different than ordinary residences?” The answer is that you can have full control of the house through voice commands. Indicatively we will mention voice recognition: for example you will be able to speak to the elevator and tell it on which floor you wish to get off or just the profession of the person you wish to visit. Few of us know that the residents of a ‘smart” house will have access to services such as an electronic information bank which will be updated with biometric information, it will remind you of your medical needs and will offer you the possibility of immediate communication with medical centers.

Furthermore we were informed about the basic steps that must be done to promote an innovative business idea:
Step 1: Build your team
Step 2: Learn your market
Step 3: Calculate the time you will need to enter the market
Step 4: Calculate the cost
Step 5 : Conduct a Business Plan and stick to it
Step 6: Breakdown the Structure
Step 7 : Find the capital
Step 8 : Think of alternative funding sources


We would like to thank Lefteris Papageorgiou, Chrysostomos Bouras, INNOVATHENS and of course all our friends who attended the event making interesting comments and questions, contributing once more in realising our dream of free knowledge diffusion!

Download the presentation here
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You can watch the event by clicking here.

On Wednesday the 9th of March, SciFY’s team, together with INNOVATHENS, HUB OF INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP at the TECHNOPOLIS OF ATHENS, conducted a seminar about “Google AdWords Workshop”.

Over 100 people watched Spiros Tzortzis, graduate of the Department of Organization and Business Administration of the Economic University of Athens and member of the Sociality.png Cooperate Digital Communication Sociality, introduce us to the world of Google Adwords.

In the beginning of the event the attendees watched 3 small videos about:

Continuing, Vassilis Salapatas took the floor and informed us about SciFY’s actions in the field of Organisational Intelligence. He described Newsum, an application which conducts sums of news from different sources and in many languages, he also referred to PServer, an application for automatic personalization services.

We were also informed about SciFY’s new projects which aim to contribute in the Digital Marketing of companies.

Later on, Mr Tzortzis made an introduction to Digital Marketing and described to us concepts like e-mail marketing, Social Media Marketing and Display Advertising.

He analysed what are Google AdWords as well as the terminology that is being used:

  • CPC : Cost Per Click
  • Quality Score
  • CPM : Cost per 1.000 views
  • CTR : Click-Through Rate Clicks / Impressions

We were informed about how advertising takes place on the internet -Google Search Network and Google Display Network- and how Quality Score affects the  results.


We would like to thank Spiros, INNOVATHENS and of course all our friends who attended the event making very  interesting comments and questions and contributing once more in making our dream of free diffusion of knowledge come true.

Download the presentation here.

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“For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible.”

Mary Pat Radabaugh, Director of IBM National Support Center for Persons with Disabilities


On Wednesday the 10th of February, the SciFY team, organised at INNOVATHENS Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, a seminar dedicated to Assistive Technologies.


Over 50 people watched Mr. George Kouroupetroglou head of the Accessibility and Technology Voice Lab for student’s with disabilities of the University of Athens and Head of the department of Communication and Signal Processing of the IT Department,  together with Mrs. Kalliopi Lappa, Occupational Therapist, Responsible of Assistive Technologies at the National Rehabilitation Center and  Scientific Partner of the organisation and function of Assistive Technology spaces at the “Asklipio Voulas” General Hospital and at the Intesive Care Unit of “Evaggelismos” General Hospital, introduce us to assistive technologies.

SciFY ACADEMY The event started Mr. Aristotle Panagopoulos, occupational therapist at the PIKPA Foundation, introducing the current situation in Greece regarding assistive technologies to the crowd.

Subsequently, Mr. George Kouroupetroglou took the floor, and among others he reffered to the Hardware and Software applications which can be used for:

  • Increasing or keeping stable a person’s functional abilities
  • Communicating with others
  • Helping with optical and linguistic functionalities


Furthermore, there were references on the legislation and policies followed in a National and International level for people with disablities in matters of social intergration. Moreover, the attendants were informed about the existence of an open library with free assistive technology application software, the mAthena collection.


Academy In the second part of the seminar Mrs. Kalliopi Lappa described to us how important it is to offer as soon as possible assistive technologies to people who are in need of them. Furthermore, she talked about the lack of games for blind children and how important SciFY’s effort creating LEAP games is.

Concluding, there was a reference to the value of teamwork and cooperation between those whom it concerns, the members of the interdisciplinary team, the families and the carers. At the end of her speech, Mrs. Lappa refered to the FEIRd device, which was created by SciFY for people who face  disabilities in their upper limbs. Last but not least, she described to us the change it brought to the everyday life of our friend, Alexander.


We warmly thank Sophia, Maria, Thanasis and Margarita, the intrepreters from the  Polyhoros-Kivotos center (center for education in sign language), who voluntarily translated the speeches to sign language.

EEEYT The event was conducted with the scientific support of the Hellenic Association of Assistive Technologies.


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On Wednesday 20th of January, SciFY’s team, organized in INNOVATHENS, Technopolis Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Municipality of Athens, a seminar, devoted to the synthesis and speech recognition technologies.

Αιμίλιος Χαλαμανδάρης- Νάσος Κατσαμάνης

Almost 100 people, watched Aimilios Chalamandaris, co-founder and director of INNOETICS company, and Nasos Katsamanis, researcher of Athena RIC and co-founder of beenotes company, to analyze the text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies.

Βασίλης Σαλαπάτας 

The event was introduced by Mr Vassilis Salapatas, one of SciFy’s co-founders, presenting the new improved version of the innovative ICSee application, funded by the Latsis Foundation. He stated that: "Using ICSee (I Can See), people with low vision can read a short text such as the list of a restaurant or the price on a receipt, which would otherwise be very difficult or even impossible to do. So their everyday lives improve greatly."
We recommend to those who have android devices (smartphone or tablet), to download the application from google play for free


Αιμίλιος Χαλαμανδάρης“Look, I can manage without a screen!”

Followingly, Aimilios Chalamandaris referred to the Immitation of speech production methods (parametric, voice immitation as signal and hybrid voice), including the systems using speech synthesis, such as Text normalization and Unit selection. Furthermore, he described to us in which areas of everyday life this technology applies. Examples include Education (audio books, talking dolls), GPS navigation, the public transport announcements, the human-machine interface, and the preservation of languages that tend to disappear!
Those of you who wish to see and practice one of INNOETICS applications, such as writting a text and listening your computer reading the message, press here.

Νάσος Κατσαμάνης  “Look, I can manage without a keyboard!"

In the second part of the event, Nasos Katsamanis, analyzed the technology of speech recognition, converting the speech into text. Typical examples of the use of this technology, is the video subtitling in Youtube, Google voice input and telephone monitoring. Next he explained to us that for developing an application that uses speech recognition technology the following things are required: data, a list of voices, accoustic models and tools for speech recognition such as: KALDI & CMU Sphinx.
Furthermore we were informed that in some cases it is a good thing that even... “the walls have ears”. In particular there was a reference to how our fellow citizens with some form of disability can be able to use the electrical appliances in their house giving simple voice commands. The name of this project: DIRHA

Enjoy the relevant video: "My sweet home… listen!" Greek DIRHA


Finishing, for those wondering what relevance apiculture has with all the above, in SciFY Academy, we learned that the speech recognition technology is used by the beekeepers so that they can keep voice notes, due to they cannot keep written notes because of their clothing!

As a conclusion, we would like to thank the speech rapporteurs, Aimilios Chalamandaris and Nasos Katsamanis, Latsis Foundation for the sponsorship offered to us so that we can upgrade the ICSee application, and all of you that attended the event..
See you soon...

Download Mr Chalamandaris presentation here.

Download Mr Katsamanis presentation here.

You can watch the whole event of 7th SciFY Academy here.
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SciFY Academy


5th SciFY Academy: Sharing #OpenKnowledge for Business Model Canvas!

Over 100 people attended on  Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at the 5th SciFY Academy which took place in INNOVATHENS. This time we shared open knowledge about how useful is the knowledge of  Business Model Canvas to nonprofit organizations. The rapporteur was Mr Dimitris Paximadis member of KEMEL, former  President & CEO of OgilvyOne Athens and former  General Manager of VVDO Advertising.

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