Tech Transfer: Assessing an idea

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

It all started with a question some time ago. “How do you know if an idea is good, before it is implemented?”

We have heard this question many times in SciFY. We have discussed with many people their own ideas. And we have found out that, for many people, having an idea is very exciting, but its assessment is an unknown territory.
“How do I know it will work?” is usually the good question. It shows you want to work on it.
Unfortunately, there are people who keep describing “their idea” and focusing on its implementation, and never bother to do their homework: discuss with end users, understand the problems they have or their aspirations…
Surprising as it may be, it is much, much more common than you think.

So, what should you do?

Here is a short video on Assessing Ideas and the standalone presentation.

Enjoy, and please contact us for your comments or if you want to innovate.

Vassilis Giannakopoulos
Marketing and Social Impact Manager


What is Technology Transfer. How does it influence our lives?

Tech Transfer is changing our lives. Technology and Artificial Intelligence change our lives in more ways than we can imagine. We need to understand it. We need to use it to make our lives better, our organizations more successful
For us in SiFY, “Technology Transfer is connecting 2 worlds: Society’s needs with research results and technological breakthroughs so that created Solutions meet real Needs in a Sustainable way for all Players”

So, here is a short video on our understanding of Technology Transfer.

Enjoy, and please contact us for your comments or if you want to innovate.

Vassilis Giannakopoulos
Marketing and Social Impact Manager


Check out our short video on the issue here

  • How can a University / Research Institute see its research applied?
  • How can a company tap into the technological breakthroughs happening now in Research Institutes?
  • How can Not for Profit Organizations solve social problems using the power of Information Technology?
  • How can we, the citizens, understand the changes happening in our lives from tech breakthroughs happening in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Bioinformatics and have a say in how things change?

The answer is Human-centred Technology Transfer. Tech Transfer in a way that moves all of us forward, to an inclusive and better world, instead of a dystopia.

In SciFY, we have been working on Technology Transfer and Innovation for some years now. We have created fantastic collaborations with experts in the fields where we are trying to make an impact: IT, Artificial Intelligence, Assistive Technologies, e-democracy, Civil Society, Technology Transfer, Education.

Nobody can be an expert in so many, so different areas. But our business model has allowed us to tap into expertise of different people and organizations and to orchestrate innovative, impactful projects. This has brought very real, very encouraging results: Our Social Impact exceeds 110,000 people around the world. We have transformed technological breakthroughs into real products that are being used by thousands of users. We have been awarded for our work.

But we stay humble, because we know it is always teamwork that brings these results, work beyond organizational boundaries.

So, we decided to start sharing this experience and knowledge on Innovation / Technology Transfer beyond our organization. In this series, we will briefly discuss issues such as Tech Transfer, Assessing Ideas, Building Support Networks, Staying committed to your cause etc.

We thus hope that we will help innovative people around us to step up and start innovating in an open, collaborative, sustainable and impactful way.

Vassilis Giannakopoulos
Marketing and Social Impact Manager



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