3rd SciFY Academy “Getting started with Google Analytics”
Learn the basics for using Google Analytics on your Website

On Wendsday 13th of May, at 19.00, at InnovAthens, in Technopolis of Athens Municipality, we continue our effort with the 3rd SciFY Academy with subject “Getting started with Google Analytics”. SciFY Academy is a series of presentations for free diffusion of knowledge which is organized from the Non-Profit SciFY and is open to everyone interested.

The third presentation of SciFY Academy is made with the cooperation of InnovAthens and it will be presented by Konstantinos Skianis, Google Analytics Certified Professional, Digital Marketing Director and Co-Founder of MEDIACUBE (certifiedassociator of Google) with a focuw on: How can I begin with Google Analytics and how can I develop my Website with it.
There will be presented real examples and will be given focus on the maximum utilization of the Reports and the efficient browsing in Google Analytics. Naturally, after the presentation will follow an open discussion (Q&Α) in order to resolve questions and there will be some case studies analysis.

THe presentation adresses to marketers, young businessmen, startuppers, Marketing students and to anyone interested to learn to utilize a powerful, free tool.

As every time, there will precede a ten minute long mini-presentation (Innovation & NewTrends) for an interesting effort… (Shhhh…. it’s a secret!). Schedule of the Presentation here

More information about the event: here

For more info: Despoina Chalvatzi, M: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., T: 211 400 4192
More information about SciFY: www.scify.org
More information about MEDIACUBE: http://www.mediacube.gr/



We are happy to welcome you to the 2nd Meteor Meetup.

Tuesday, 05/05/2015, at 19:30, at 17 Amfiktyonos str, 118 51 Athens. (SciFY Offices)

In this meetup, Miltos Stamos the creator of meteorpoint.com will present the installation process and the basic concepts of Meteor.
This will be the 2nd (of a series of 3) Meteor Meetup hosted by SciFY
The session is going to be in Greek. But no worries, Meteorites will be around to translate and support English participants, if needed.
After this session we'll have an open discussion as usual. Feel free to show case your current Meteor work, share the problems you where facing, and ask for help at any time. Smile

To join Meteor Community and more info check here: http://go.scify.gr/SFMeteorMeetups2

"Pay" Day

Friday, 19 December 2014

We call it FeIRd. “What kind of a name is that?” you ‘d say. But this device is our child. We worked a lot of time for it to bring it to life. A lot of people, together. So that we offer to disabled friends some more independency in their everyday lives.

We have said it before but we will say it once more: Only together we can grow. Furthermore, when "together" represents the union of cutting edge technology and real social benefits, we feel even happier! 

NewSum has been redesigned and reimplemented, taking into account a variety of comments and reviews from our users.

The updates include:

  • a new, state-of-the-art user experience (new UI, interaction)
  • updated looks (photos, at-a-glimpse texts where photos not available)
  • as simple as ever
  • helpful, responsive layout for more devices (better support for tablets)
  • Supports latest Android versions
  • quicker than ever (caching)
  • better management of network resources
  • better clustering of news into events
  • reduced "garbage" items

Be part of the final polishing: download and install it.   And do not forget: NewSum is free, as always.

I want to support this project!

When we first launced NewSum v. 1.0, our award-winning app that summarizes news from many sources onto your android screen, you told us three things:

First, that you were surprized that it actually could do what we claimed: it produced one summary from many news sources.
Second, that it helped you be up to date faster, and in a more pluralistic way.
And third, that it did not look ...sexy. It did not have images, it was "spartan", it needed to offer a better user experience.

Well, we have good news for you: We worked hard on it and the new version, NewSum v. 2.0, is in closed beta testing.
It is faster, it manages mobile and network resources more efficiently, it has a new look and feel AND photos!

Be patient for a few days ... Till then, if you do not have NewSum, download it from Google Play and be ready for the upgrade!

I want to support this project!

ICSee beta-testing in progress

Friday, 07 February 2014

ICSee is in the phase of beta-testing and we grasp the opportunity to thank "LIghthouse for the blind of Greece"  for the valuable cooperation offered. First results look very promising and ICSee seems to be useful for 7 out of 10 testers.

We promise that ICSee will soon be in service of people with serious vision problems being a friendly and helpful application in their daily life.

I want to support ICSee


New member in NewSum family

Friday, 10 January 2014

A new baby has joined the NewSum family, even though it has to stay in the incubator for a few more days. NewSum widget is almost ready and pretty soon will provide you the opportunity to offer through your site or blog summarised but thorough news reporting for topics that draw the interest of your visitors.

You can have a small taste of one of its many variations.

The award we received from the President of the Hellenic Republic himself at the "Nisides Poiotitas 2013" (Islands of Quality 2013) gives us more energy and courage to go on!

After more than 1,5 years of teamwork, working late nights, setbacks, wonderful and difficult moments, our efforts are awarded. We thank the Citizen's Movement for an Open Society and the Greek Guiding Association for the great honour.

But this award goes to all of you who support and help us, too. We need you in these first steps we are taking, because only together can we go on to #FreeInnovation and make everybody's life better. 

The President of the Hellenic Republic awarded us for our effort to Open Technology to all. But we cannot do this without you!

Give us 5 seconds to join your voice on Thunderclap, to support our #FreeInnovation initiative.
Just press one of the "Support" buttons on Thunderclap to spread the word.

Break the walls, create solutions and freely share technology. Let people and economies thrive!

Want to keep up? Like our Facebook page, follow us on twitter, be part of the change.

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