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"Pay" Day

Friday, 19 December 2014 Published in News
"Pay" Day

We call it FeIRd. “What kind of a name is that?” you ‘d say. But this device is our child. We worked a lot of time for it to bring it to life. A lot of people, together. So that we offer to disabled friends some more independency in their everyday lives.

People from elpis, from Bodossaki Foundation and Mr Α.Κ. believed in us and financially supported us. So, we managed to grow it a little bit more. And last Monday, we finally started to ‘get paid’ for this work: we collected the first ‘Thank you’, the first ‘Good luck you guys’. It was the time of delivery of the first FeIRD devices to those who need them.

On Monday afternoon, we went to ΕLEPAP. Where every day for the last 75 years, specialized professionals support thousands of families and ensure the functional rehabilitation of children with physical disabilities and developmental problems. That day, we were too a piece of this puzzle:  SciFY, and from elpis Mr Aggelos Kakavas and Ms Fay Koutzoukou from Bodossaki Foundation. We talked, we got to know each other better, we met people and were introduced to the ELEPAP offices. We met Mrs. Athena Palingini, the Director General of ELEPAP.

We had with us and our "children": the first 16 FeIRd devices that help people with physical disabilities handle basic home appliances: TV, stereo, air-condition ... basic devices that can be used with a remote control. There we handed over the FeIRD devices and talked to some parents, brothers, our fellow citizens who give their own daily struggle.

"Today we get our in first deposit", we said. It's the feeling that we bring to you the results of our work. The “payment” will be complete, when we learn that it actually helped you, that it gave birth to some smiles, that gave a bit more independence to those who so much need it.

Dr. Christalena Kattami, Director of HPC ELEPAP and Coordinator of Psychosocial intervention, gave us a tour around ELEPAP’s premises, introduced us to the staff, spoke to us about their daily struggle. It is the beginning of another cooperation that can only bear good fruit: we are already discussing the next project: help children with disabilities use a computer.

We thanked them and left with a weird feeling. Good to have offered to people who need it, that’s for sure.  But having better understanding of their needs, we felt more strongly that this offer is our debt: We are the ones who owe to them.

Actually, that’s how we can describe it:

Nice for having contributed to the community, but still in debt.

I wish to support  SciFY! 

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