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International White Cane Day

Monday, 26 October 2015 Published in News
International White Cane Day
The events regarding the international White Cane Day are complete
                                                                                    …. we were there as well ;-)
They say that the dog is man’s best friend and we say that games are children’s best company, but for every single child without discriminations. This is why on October 14 & 15 we joined forces with the organization ”Greek Guide Dogs” and we attended the events for the international White Cane Day that took place in Technopolis of Athens Municipality. 
We presented the two games for blind children from LEAP series, tennis and tic-tac-toe and we urged the visitors to play! We became one with our small and ... our big friends as well!!! 
The comments we received for our above actions were very encouraging:
‘Tennis is perfect! I will certainly download it to play it home!’
‘Really; You provide all these applications for free?’
‘What else have you made?’
But because life is more than games and a part of everyday life  is school as well, but a kind of school with accessibility by every student, we presented the new, improved version of ICStudy application that allows visualy impaired students to attend a lesson in the classroom equally with their classmates.  
Furthermore, we demonstrated and installed in our guests devices the ICSee application, which is addressed to our fellow citizens with limited visibility and assists them in their everyday life.
The interaction with people from orgazizations such as the Panhellenic Association of the Blind and the Hellenic Retina Society (H.R.S.) that are both dealing with issues concerning the improvement of the quality of life of visually impaired people, was very interesting. We heard many different opinions and suggestions on how to develop our applications that led to constructive discussions and food for thought (e.g. could it be possible that ICSee would read the text I am scanning?). We discussed the problems we face, our common vision, and for people with great offering and impact in the field. One of them is the blind sculptor Petros Roukoutakis (1953 - 2015),
petros roukoutakis art
whose works of art we had the chance to admire during the event.
The event was covered journalistically from Mega Channel, where Vasilis Giannakopoulos (Contact Person and Development Partnerships Manager in SciFY) was interviewed and presented the games and applications. 
We would like to express our warm thanks to Mrs Zoi Geroulanou, President of the Directing Board of the Greek Guide Dogs, for the invitation and for the excellent cooperation in this wonderful event. We are looking forward for the next one!
tic-tac-toe & tennis

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