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To sum up LEAP

Friday, 29 January 2016 Published in News
To sum up LEAP

The third free electronic game for blind children and adults, Curve, has been completed as part of the LEAP (Listen-LEArn-Play) project. The last game of this series has an educational character and combines the skills and abilities aquired from the last two games (Tik-Tak-Toe and Tennis) as to transfer a typical visual educational processe in the acoustic world. Curve, combines music and the pentagram notes with mathematical functions. Like Tik-Tak-Toe, childen use the basic computer keys since they have to “hear” the graph of a function expressed through notes and afterwards they have to repeat it before the time limit runs out. In this way, blind children can get the feel of the the graph of a function with the help of sound. You can try our new game - Curve, along with the other games, Tic Tac Toe and Tennis through our new, accessible to people with vision problems website: Games for the blind.

Since we mentioned the tennis game... How would it seem to you if you could play the game without touching nor seeing? Watch the video with Elektra testing Leap Motion for the 3D JAm competition. The welcoming of the game in its presentation by SciFY in Sparks Glovo Event and in the White Cane Day in Technopolis was overwhemingly possitive.

It is a great honor for us and a priviledge when our work is recognized by greek and international organizations such as Perkins School for the Blind, the oldest (1829) and most prominent school for the blind in the States, which has published SciFY’s LEAP games at its website. But our greatest success is that LEAP gave us the chance to build cooperative relationships with organizations concerning blindness, such as Orthodox Poreia, which supports us in all our actions.
Last but not least, you can read the article about the Curve game in Efimerida Ton Syntakton and many more information about games for blind children in the tribute made by the Greek Accoustic Institution magazine - member of EAA and the inteview of the creators in Athenaic News Agency published in ANT1 website.

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