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Because teams always achieve more...

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 Published in News

SciFY’s and Prosvasis’ teams agreed to join powers and gradually create a fulfilled solution in the sector of registering and display accessible spots and routes for our fellow citizens with physical disabilities.

SciFY’s team creates assistive technologies and applications for people with disabilities aiming to offer solutions to everyday problems. One of our actions is City-R-Us an application, which was created in the context of the european program RADICAL, which allows- among other solutions- the registration of accessible routes from citizens, by downloading the app on their smartphone (Android and IOS) from Google Play and iTunes.

Accordingly the Prosvasis team, maps accessible areas and projects them on the platform, using internet maps for Disabled Persons. Soon a refreshed and more user friendly version of the platform will be available, where every citizen will be able to be informed/ comment/ grade / evaluate every point.

In Greece there are about 1,000,000 people with various types of disabilities. We have the obligation to inform them of the existence of accessible spaces, like hotels, restaurants, cafes and as well as accessible routes, so the quality of their life can improve, both theirs and their environments.

Both teams hope that through cooperation opportunities we will succeed a beautiful and practical result through which more and more people who are in need of it will be benefitted.








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