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New free electronic games for blind children

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 Published in Company news
New free electronic games for blind children

Three brand new games for blind people!

Thanks to your support of our crowdfunding campaign, we were able to offer a gift to children.

We developed and offered for free, three electronic games for blind children, in order to help their education and let them have fun. Up to 100 people helped us in this effort by contributing to the crowdfunding campaign. Now we are proud to present our gifts: “Noah’s Ark” and two more educational, musical games that aim to cover the need for games specially designed for blind people. The games are available for free here (in Greek).

Noah's Ark game screen

Games' Descreption

The game are based on the well-known memory game in which the player tries to find pairs of identical cards; But in our case, the game is designed for the needs of the blind. Therefore the “cards” are sounds and the interface is specially designed for the blind.
In the first game, the player is in Noah's Ark and tries to find pairs of animals in order to feed them.
In the musical games the player is a valued assistant in a musical performance and learns about the musical instruments. In “Find that musical instrument” game, the player pairs the sounds of the instruments with their names; whereas in “Find the musical instrument category” the player learns their categories.

Orchestra music game screen

Special Design

The games were developed after many discussions and brainstorming sessions with the children and special educators. A great asset of ours was the experience we had gained by developing the first games for blind people earlier in 2015 and the fact that we work closely with the final users. The outcome? The sound, the user experience, the gradual introduction of the player in to the game and initiation of a “friend-guide” in the game, are developed for one reason: to create games suitable for blind children.

Children playing Memor-i game

Next Steps

We are not going to stop! We are looking for funding to:

  • Create the English Versions, as we did with the first three electronic games for blind children that we created, in order more people to be able to use them,.
  • Give the opportunity to everyone to upload their own sounds and to create new games that will also be available for everyone
  • Give the opportunity for online gaming against a friend no matter how long our friends are. 

The music games are implemented with the kind support of

For more information contact us.

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