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In every desk an open window to the whole world

Monday, 29 October 2012 Published in eDesk news
In every desk an open window to the whole world

This is the month that we have initiated, among a lot of interesting things, our new project: eDesk. We are very excited with the designing and building of the prototype, which consists of a schooldesk with two embedded low cost, but still powerful, computers.

This project will give all the pupils and students around the globe access to the digital world and online knowledge. In particular, it will be designed for regions where the lack of funding is the main problem. This way all the pupils will have the chance to develop their skills through the digital world and have the chance to draw their future.

 Thus all students, no matter in which place in the whole world they are, could have access to knowledge and new technologies. Even when it comes to situations that the financial capacity is the Achilles' heel, students would still be able to grow skills important to their future development.

What's your point of view? It is worth the effort?

I want to support this project!

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