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NewSum: breakthrough application at

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 Published in NewSum news
NewSum: breakthrough application at For the first time, we offer news summaries from thousands of sources at a glance, using NewSum technology.

We keep saying that together, we can do more. And today, we prove it once more:, the big greek news portal, that collects news from thousands of sources (more than 1,400 sites and 10,000 blogs), cooperated with SciFY and Harokopeion University of Athens, investing in NewSum technology.

The result is a unique service of high added value.


As puts it:
"The new service "AT A GLANCE", is a breakthrough technology, a unique automatic news summarization system. It gives you the main points of a group of news around a topic. So you can get a clear all-around picture of the news in just a few seconds.
How we did it?
We automatically process groups of news around the same topic, we locate the main points and we deliver them "AT A GLANCE". We do this using artificial intelligence and advanced but wonderful maths. Thus, our system becomes "intelligent" to keep you better informed, fast.
The service is the result of our cooperation with SciFY ( - NewSum project) and the Harokopeion University of Athens"

We are happy, because the more NewSum technology spreads, the more people benefit from it, and the more we reinforce pluralism in news coverage!

I want to support the NewSum project!

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