We reinforce pluralism in news coverage

The problem

How can you get the whole picture in your areas of interest, fast? Up to now, in order to be well-informed about what you really want to, you were obliged to visit at least 2-3 different sites/blogs and spend valuable time reading news that are by 80% the same... Newsfeeds, news aggregators are not real solutions: They just group articles, but you still have to do the rest of the job, since you have to visit all the different sources in order to get the information you need (when / if you have the time!).

We make computers serve people personally

You have visited Amazon/eBay viewing a book that interests you. Automatically, you get suggestions regarding similar books or books written by the same writer. You are reading the news or searching for an exotic destination and you get suggestions for relevant news/ destinations. You create a profile in a social network and relevant interests/advertisements appear. You create your profile on an application in your mobile phone and you get information you really need. We have entered the era of personalization; internet sites and mobile apps need to offer a personal experience.

We facilitate access for our fellowmen with serious visual impairments

The problem

Reading a menu, a sign or finding the right bell to ring, are for most of us simple, everyday actions. For the persons with serious visual impairments, all the above are major issues that may put them in awkward or even very difficult situations.

Why can't there be a simple tool that could really help them?

In every desk, we open a window to the whole world

The problem

When in a school the students have access to a computer linked to Internet, and he appropriate software, the horizon opened in front of their eyes is immense: they can discover, learn, interact, receive information... acquire knowledge and live experiences, through a unique way!

Strengthening Participatory Democracy

Greece is one of the leading countries in terms of public consultations for draft laws. But only in theory! In reality citizens have only little capability to express their opinion and it is common knowledge that the volume and the lack of structure on citizens' comments prevent their exploitation by the legislature.

Strengthening the role of citizens in Policy Making

The lack of effective procedures for direct and creative participation of citizens in decision making intensifies the political crisis and deprives us of the possibility of using substantive proposals. The sense of futility and abstinence from policy making perpetuates the status quo and excludes long-term participatory design.


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