Educational Activities

Thursday, 01 November 2018 Published in SciFY Academy
Educational Activities

Participation at ActionAid's Program: EPIKENTRO

We support ActionAid and the EPIKENTRO program in their effort to strengthen vulnerable social groups and fellow citizens who have been affected by the financial crisis.

Our contribution is to educate students in topics such as IT and Internet.
More specifically, the children of primary education attend the lesson: "Internet: a labyrinth to be discovered!" where they are getting familiarized with the Internet and learn more about their safe use.

While older children, in high school are following the introductory lesson in computer science: "Create your own game!" where teens are getting familiarized with programming, audio and video editing tools and above all think creatively and designing an electronic game.

During the two courses, we are training 50 children in 50 training hours!

Training at the Herakleidon Museum: Artificial Intelligence ... For Teenagers

We started another educational action with the Herakleidon Museum, where we introduce students to Artificial Intelligence. The program aims to create a new, more open and conscious attitude towards Artificial Intelligence, through the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.


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