12th SciFY Academy "5 Key Elements for a Successful Online Presence"

Wednesday, 08 June 2016 Published in Past Seminars
12th SciFY Academy "5 Key Elements for a Successful Online Presence"

12th SciFY Academy | Grow Greek Tourism Online
"5 Key Elements for a Successful Online Presence"

On Wednesday June 8, the SciFY team, co organized with INNOVATHENS The Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of the City of Athens, a seminar, on Successful Online Presence.

ggto Stelios Dourakis

This month as well, representatives of all the business sectors, as well as students of Marketing, Economic and Touristic schools, have come to INNOVATHENS to watch Stelios Dourakis from Grow Greek Tourism Online, explaining how we can achieve a successful online presence. Mr Stelios Dourakis, Online Advisor of the Grow Greek Tourism Online organization, with experience in Online and Tourism issues, talked about the key elements a new businessman should pay attention to, so that he can have a successful online presence, with emphasis on the touristic sector.

Initially, Mr. Dourakis presented us elements from a study on the tourism industry and how he was influenced by the Internet and more specifically by Mobile Internet, which is gaining more and more ground in our country and globally.

ggto 2

Later, Mr. Dourakis talked about what we should take into account when we create a website to promote our products and/or our services and how this is different when we target abroad. Moreover, a big part of the presentation was dedicated on how we can make our online presence mobile-friendly and we discussed the importance of our website's accessibility via mobile, especially for the Tourism industry.

ggto 3

The event was opened by Vasilis Salapatas, co-founder of SciFY, who presented two new projects developed by the SciFY team for companies and professionals.
Search for new customers: He introduced Contact Harvester, an informative tool that once is completed, will enable us to expand our business network quickly and easily. The user searches for potential clients with keywords (or just points to some potential customer sites!) and then Contact Harvester returns a detailed list of potential customers with their contact information, social networks, etc. He showed the demo version that you can find herehttp://go.scify.gr/contact-harvester

Automatic comment analysis: Lastly, he introduced the Open Comments Analyzer, a tool that allows for automatic and quick analysis of comments from multiple languages. A valuable tool for market research and public relations companies, for customer service, media, etc. He showed the demo version that you can find here: go.scify.gr/comments-analyzer

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Grow Greek Tourism Online, is a Google initiative aimed at enhancing the digital skills of tourism professionals all over Greece and training them on web-based tools. The event was supported by Google, the Ministry of Tourism of Greece, the Greek Tourism Organization (ΕΟΤ), and SETE.

We warmly thank mr Stelios Dourakis, INNOVATHENS and of course all who attended and participated in the seminar by making very interesting comments and questions and especially because they contributed once again to realizing our vision of the free dissemination of knowledge!

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