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14th SciFY Academy "Open Data. Now!"

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 Published in Past Seminars
14th SciFY Academy "Open Data. Now!"

14th SciFY Academy | Open Data
"Open Data. Now!"

On Wednesday October 26, as a part of the project Your Data Stories, SciFY, ODI Athens of Open Technologies Organization - ΕΕLLΑΚ and SKEL Lab of NCSR "Demokritos" co operated for making a series of presentations related to Open Data.


The speeches were hosted by distinguished business executives and experts in this research field, presenting innovative projects that promote the exploitation and evolution of data, not only for the development of the economy and business, but also for dealing with everyday and social problems.

As we learned from the speeches, the technology and business community are investing in the future and the developing of Big Data, looking for mechanisms and platforms to maximize the use of the data and metadata. Identifying and analyzing them helps us to discern the really useful information and to separate it from the "noise", to judge its credibility and ultimately to anticipate with greater certainty the future situations and market trends, even social behavior.


Lastly, extra emphasis was placed on the ways to maintain the balance between the privacy and the openness of the data, thus covering the legal aspects of the issue. It is worth noting that despite the great participation of speakers at the event, the content of the presentations was comprehensive, in-depth and gave an integrated approach of the subject, both at the business and at the research levels.


Moreover, despite the technical expertise around Open Data, the speakers ensured the smooth transmission of information, making them understandable even to the less experienced audience. Perhaps this was due to the large response of the participants in the final stage of the event that followed, that of the open debate and questions.

14th SciFY Academy Open Data 26-10-16 from eellak on Vimeo.


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