28th SciFY Academy: Digital Transformation

Thursday, 28 February 2019 Published in Past Seminars
28th SciFY Academy: Digital Transformation

28η SciFY Academy: Digital Transformation

On Thursday, February 28, the 28th SciFY Academy was held on "Digital Transofrmation," while the main question the speakers were asked to answer was: "How can I bring my business to today?" with the audience engaging with interesting and targeted questions.

Initially, Mr. Sergios Dimitriadis, a professor at Athens University of Economics and Business, laid the groundwork for our discussion, explaining what is Digital Transformation and gave us advice on how to implement such systems in our own business as well. Mr. Dimitriadis approached the issue mainly business-wise and you can find his presentation here

Mr. Miltiadis Kalambokas, responsible for Big Data and Analytics of the National Bank of Greece, he approached the issue of Digital Transformation from technological side in order to give to the attendees an overview of how Digital Transformation can work. More specifically, he shoed us examples of how Digital Transformation is being carried out and basically he explained to us the new program of National Bank for Digital Transofrmation and how that is being implemented. You can find Mr Kalabo's presentation here.

Finally, Mrs. Chrysa Kefalas, Pobuca-Sieben's Business Development Manager, was the most appropriate to close this event, as well as giving us practical tips to decipher our business, and gave us also several examples of successful and failed Digital Transformation attempts. You can find Ms. Kefalas's presentation here.

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You can see the video of the event here (in Greek).

We warmly thank INNOVATHENS as well as all of you where you once again contributed to realizing our vision of the free dissemination of knowledge!


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