The history of SciFY

George Giannakopoulos has been a researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Greece and North Italy for several years. Works as a programmer and consultant for over 15 years and collaborates with researchers from both sides of the Atlantic. What he experienced as a researcher was beyond his imagination. As he describes it:

" The EU is investing billions of euros in research programs. Consortia research institutions and large companies get huge amounts and develop amazing technologies. Technologies that require only a few months of work to be turned into excellent products, that are even able to change our lives. But most of them remain unused for years within the walls of the institutions that created them. It seems crazy, but it is very rare for someone to take over the little work that remains to bring top research results to everyday life. Moreover, the researchers usually can simply not understand the impact that a technology product can have in daily life, if applied in a friendly and accessible way.”

His desire was to change this. So, along with his dear friend Vassilis (Salapatas), they decided to bridge this gap between research and society. In 2012 they founded SciFY (Science For You), a not-for-profit organization that does exactly that: it uses research results, and forms a community of entrepreneurs, volunteers, researchers and end-users to create useful products, in order to solve real problems. And then offers them to everyone for free.


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