SciFY is a not-for-profit organization, that develops cutting-edge information technology systems and freely offers them to all, including the design, the implementation details, and the support needed, in order to solve real-life problems.

We use our expertise in artificial intelligence and other technologies, and a strong network of collaborators (universities, research institutes, NGOs and companies) to collaboratively produce new solutions.

Established in 2012, SciFY has now reached a personnel of 6, a volunteer base of more than 10 people, and some awards, including one from the President of the Hellenic Republic.

Our current Areas of Interest and expertise are:

  1. Supporting the civil society
  2. eDemocracy
  3. Assistive technologies for people with disabilities
  4. Organizational intelligence
  5. Education and Skill building


How do we do this? 

We are creating and freely sharing technological tools, knowledgeand mobilizing networks to deliver results on the above impact areas.

The impact achieved so far is twofold: SciFY’s direct impact has exceeded 80,000 beneficiaries. Yet, since we offer IT solutions, create networks and spread knowledge, the indirect impact is difficult to assess, but it is many times more than the direct impact, since usually a user of our solutions serves hundreds or even thousands of end users.

See our latest annual report (for 2016) here


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